Welcome to Angel's Retreat


Angel’s Retreat is a small, non-profit, volunteer-run rescue organization which helps dogs of all ages and breeds, including senior and special needs dogs requiring special care.

Our dogs come from puppy mills, city and rural shelters, as well as owner surrenders.

All of our dogs are cared for in a home setting where they roam free in a backyard and live in a compassionate environment.


Adopt a Dog

Love Me For Who I Am, Not What I Am…


At Angel’s Retreat we are passionate about our dogs being matched with their new owners based on their personality and not on their breed or appearance. Bringing a dog into your life means accepting that dog for all of their traits, good and bad. This philosophy of love me for who I am, not what I am, is not only important for a successful life-long adoption, but isn’t it also what we all deserve? Don’t we all just want to be loved for who we are, regardless of how we look or how people perceive us?


Why Angel’s Retreat

The shelter environment is stressful and confusing for animals. Under these circumstances animals will not display their best behaviors and behavioral issues will become exacerbated.

In a study of behaviorally-challenged dogs, 90% of those dogs who went into foster for 30 days or less had a 90% live outcome compared to 44% live outcomes in the average shelter.