Bonnie & Buster

Poppi and Jai (formerly known as Bonnie and Buster) are two Pomeranian/corgi mixes who were saved from a puppy mill in Lancaster County. They came into us sick, as most puppy mill dogs do, but were nursed back to health with the help of their amazing mom. This brother and sister duo loved each other so much, and after all they had been through together we didn’t want to separate them. Luckily their adoptive mom came along, educated herself on littermate syndrome and how to prevent it, and gave these two the happiest life we could have ever imagined!

Read this update from their mom below:

“Hello world! Poppi & Jai here

Mama took us home a short 4 months ago, but time doesn’t matter in your forever home. We have been fine tuning our skills and become masters of chaos (adorable chaos). We love puzzles, sticks (all the sticks), plotting our escape from any confinement, making new friends, smelling each blade of grass, learning new tricks, dance parties, treaties (all the treaties), using mama as a cushion and trampoline, helping pappy with landscaping, helping free our toys from their fluffing, playing tricks on each other… but most of all, we love napping cuddled up together. Although we have found so much we love, we have decided as a team that we most certainly do not like fire hydrants, most plastic bags, suspicious potted plants, swimming or that pesky doorbell.

The adventure has just begun, but we are already so loved.”

We can’t thank adopters like Poppi & Jai’s mom enough for choosing to rescue dogs who may come home shy and shut down from their life previous to being rescued. These adopters are committed to their furry family members from the moment they decide to adopt them, and don’t hesitate to invest all their time, patience, and love into these deserving dogs. We could not have asked for a better ending for our little sibling duo, and wish them the happiest of lives.