Forrest (formerly known as Forrest Gump) is a 9 year old puppy mill survivor who came to Angel’s Retreat in late 2022. He was given up after it was decided he was no longer beneficial to have around at the puppy mill. From the moment we met Forrest, we couldn’t believe just how forgiving he was. For Forrest to go through what he went through (living in a puppy mill for 9 years) and then come out of that situation as the most gentle and loving dog told us he was truly something special. A little while after Forrest’s arrival a wonderful family reached out to us about fostering him, and after one look at Forrest’s signature puppy dog eyes they were won over and decided to add him to the family permanently!

Forrest is adored and loved by his entire family, but especially by his little brother Duke. Nothing is more rewarding than getting to watch a special soul like Forrest finally be treated like the king he always has been. We know all the rest of his days will be filled with endless happiness and love, and we cannot be more grateful to his family for providing him that!