Foster with us!

Angel’s Retreat relies on foster parents to allow more dogs to come into our program. Fostering saves lives! Fostering provides a safe and healthy environment for animals who need to heal, grow, or get some extra love while waiting for their permanent home.

Foster FAQ’s:

How should the animal be treated while in my care?

A safe indoor environment is required. You should treat the dog as your own and provide love and care. Dogs may not be chained or housed outdoors.

What is expected of me?

Allow your foster dog to experience your home and normal life. Work with the dog on basic training and leash walking.

Dogs should always be on leash outside of the home or fenced in backyard. Dogs may not go to pet stores, dog parks or any other place where they will be exposed to a great number of dogs.

Does AR provide supplies?

Crates, food, toys, etc will be provided to the foster as needed. Crates are expected to be returned to Angel’s Retreat upon the dog leaving your care.

What do I do if my dog gets sick?

Foster will notify Angel’s Retreat of any problems. All vet care must be provided through the rescue at Cypress Vet. If the foster chooses to take the animal to another provider, Angel’s Retreat will not reimburse for expenses.

How does adoption work?

The dog should be brought to all adoption events hosted by Angel’s Retreat. Adoption applications are vetted by the team. Foster input as to needs of the dog are appreciated. Depending on the situation and the foster’s comfort level, the foster may complete the adoption or return the dog to AR for adoption. The foster may not transfer ownership of the dog without approval from AR.

How long is the foster period?

We try to be flexible and are appreciative of whatever time you can provide. We do ask that you tell us upfront how long the day will be able to stay in your home. We are a small rescue and space is always tight. If you need to change the length of fostering, please notify AR immediately.

Can I adopt my foster dog?

You must go through the same process as any other adopter. Application will need to be approved and you will be expected to pay the donation fee. Foster understands that the dog is posted for adoption to the public. If you do decide to keep the dog, notify AR immediately. Foster understands that if an adoption is already scheduled, they may not be able to adopt.