Willow (formerly known as French Fry) came to us from a puppy mill in Lancaster County, after being given up at 5 months of age (along with her brother and sister) due to not being sold. Willow’s parents had adopted dogs with behavior challenges in the past, so we knew they would be a perfect foster home to help an abused puppy mill survivor recover. Willow’s soon to be mom came to pick up her new foster puppy, and immediately fell in love with the shyest one, Willow. Shortly after working with Willow, her foster mom let us know Willow had found herself in her forever home, with her new corgi brother Einstein!

Read this update from her mom:

“Willow is the sweetest dog we could’ve asked her. From her shy beginnings she has learned to open up and show her crazy side. She is so smart and has picked up on new tricks and potty training very quickly. Our other corgi, Einstein, is typically not interested in other dogs however, when he met his new sister he immediately fell in love with her. Einstein has a very different personality than Willow and is very stubborn, but with Willow, he gladly follows her lead. My boyfriend and I absolutely adore her, and our favorite things about her are how much she loves to cuddle in bed every night, and how she loves to run (you’d be surprised how fast she is!). Willow also was lucky to find her best friend Franklin (also saved by Angel’s Retreat), who my sister took home around the same time we adopted Willow. She and Franklin love to see each other every weekend, and will play for hours on end! Willow just fits perfectly in with our little corgi family and we absolutely love her!”

We think Willow was always meant to be with her family, but she is still a very lucky girl to have found the perfect forever home, who was willing to dedicate the time, patience, and love she so desperately needed after her tough start to life.