Miss Perfect Polly came to us from a local SPCA after we instantly fell in love with her during a walk through. We knew she would have a hard time being adopted, given she was a senior, so we decided to take her with us and give her the comfort and love she deserved.

Polly is truly something special and helped us rehabilitate countless mill mamas during her time at our shelter. Many of our mill mamas would gravitate towards her, and she would gladly snuggle up on a bed with them or go to their side when they were scared and overwhelmed. She provided them comfort, support, and companionship when they needed it most. Polly watched many of the dogs she helped feel safe get adopted, but was still patiently waiting for a home of her own.

One of our wonderful fosters, Jen, offered to take Polly into her home after asking us who deserved a foster home the most. Her foster family soon became her forever family, and we could not be more thrilled to help such a wonderful dog and family find each other. Read this update from Polly’s forever mom below:

“Oh, sweet Polly. The senior girl who’d been at the rescue for months with the big smile, sweet disposition and no applications. The gentle soul who just wanted a place to feel safe and loved.

We brought Polly home as a foster and it didn’t take long before our youngest dog claimed her as his own. Ash, our 11 month old lab/pittie mix, hasn’t had the easiest start to life. He was a foster who, like Polly, no one saw as adoptable. He must have recognized himself in her, because he immediately saw Polly as his adoptive mom. Not only does she rough house with him and take on his naughty antics (our other two resident dogs want nothing to do with him), but she grooms him and snuggles him and comforts him in a way he won’t allow anyone else to.

We never intended to adopt another and honestly, sometimes I can’t even fathom that we did or how we did but Polly just fits. She never needed to adjust to life in our home. After her first bath, she dried off, jumped on our bed and face-planted on my pillow where she proceeded to take the best nap of her life. While she’s a bit of a bed hog, we are so happy to be able to offer her a secure home, a family, and a warm comfy bed to snore away the rest of her days in. She now knows love and there’s no going back for her.”

We are wiping away our happy tears and sending lots of love to Miss Polly, Jen, and her family! We hope Polly’s story brings you all as much joy as it brings us.