Beautiful Stevie (formerly known as Maddie) was a puppy mill mama we had the pleasure of saving. We love being able to save every single dog we can, but there is something extra special about freeing a mill mama from a life of hell, to be able to find them the life they have always deserved. It’s amazing to watch their transformation with just a little bit of love and patience from a kind family, and see the amount of love and devotion they have to their family who truly saved them. Far less people consider adopting the older dogs in rescue, however we think they are the most special and appreciative of them all!

Read this amazing update from her mom:

“I just wanted to send an email updating you all about Stevie (as in Nicks) who came to me as Maddie. She’s such a good girl and I love her so much and I’m thrilled to be able to give her the life she deserves now after she spent 6 years in that puppy mill. She’s so sassy and smart and stubborn! A true Scottie. Her brother Dylan, my westie, passed away late Feb and Stevie has adjusted so well and also has been the best comfort.

I’ve been working with Inglenook Academy for training to help build her confidence and she has come so far from the dog who didn’t know what a leash was. She loves to go sit in her crate and look at me to start a training session (she knows she’s so good at training and she gets so many treats). Sometimes she even gives a little awooo to tell me to get with the treats.

She still hates being outside (it’s big and scary, I don’t blame her) but she loves the couch and loves playing with dogs her size indoors so much. She is the queen of the couch and pillows. She helps me break down cardboard all the time because it’s one of her favorite things to destroy. And yellow is very much her color.

She’s truly the sweetest little dog and I can’t imagine life without her. I hope this update brings you a little joy. Thank you for rescuing her and bringing her into my life, she’s (in my biased opinion) the best success story.”

Thank you to Stevie’s family for taking a chance on a mill mama. She is so special and you deserve to celebrate in every bit of her accomplishments that you have made possible! It’s amazing what love can do!