Denali (formerly known as Queenie) is a 9 year old Husky mama given up by a Lancaster County puppy mill due to a massive growth on her chest that got ripped opened and badly infected. We rushed Denali straight to our vet where they removed the mass, immediately started her on a round of antibiotics, and spayed her. Upon closer examination of the mass, the vet team reported that Denali had been trying to chew it off herself and they can only assume this was due to the pain it was causing her.

Denali went right into a foster home where she was scared, shut down, and unable to walk. Her inability to walk was due to both the pain of the mass as well as her last 9 years living in a puppy mill where she never had been able to do much more than stand up and sit down. Denali’s foster family gave her lots of love and allowed her time to begin to trust them as they helped her heal from the surgery as well as strengthen the muscles in her back legs.

Christmas time came about two months into Denali’s recovery and her foster family decided Denali was going to get the best gift of all, a forever home with them, where she would be safe and loved for the rest of her days. Fast forward to today and Denali is the queen of their house, leads the way in their daily pack hikes (often running ahead of the younger dogs!), and is an amazing foster sibling to all the other foster dogs they have come through their house.

We are so grateful for Denali’s adopters and families like them that adopt or foster our special cases, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for Denali to have such a happy forever after.