Sunflower (formerly known as May) came to us from a puppy mill in Lancaster county, who originally gave her and her siblings up for not being able to be sold. Sunflower went to an adoptive family, who then returned her about six months after adoption due to behavioral issues.

We see countless returns or surrenders from people that gave their dog absolutely no training or exercise and then were surprised when the dog developed behavior issues. This is why we are so passionate about adopting to people who are truly committed to rescuing a dog and understand that behaviors can be worked through with investment of effort.

In Sunflower’s case, the first adoptive family did try everything in their power to make it work, from investing hours and a lot of money in behaviorists and trainers. Ultimately, it was decided the young children in their house made training significantly more difficult, leading them decide they just weren’t the right home for her, despite all their efforts to be.

We found the most wonderful adopter, Sierra, who was more than happy to work through any and all behavioral issues that Sunflower may have been presenting, and we were equally happy to provide her all the resources we could to give Sunflower the best shot at a forever home.

Sunflower’s adopter took on a dog that she knew was going to be a project, and devoted a lot of time and love to her, making her the amazing dog that she is today! It just goes to show you any dog is capable of being a happy, loving dog and all it just takes is one person who believes in them and is devoted to helping them figure it out.

Please read this update from Sunflower’s forever mom below. It warmed our hearts to have a reminder that there are people out there who really do want to rescue for all the right reasons and are willing to overcome any obstacles for their adopted family member.

“Hi! I just wanted to take the time to reach out to you all with an update on Sunflower (aka May) and send some recent pics and videos. When I first adopted her, she had some guarding tendencies and was a little uncertain of new people and dogs due to her unfortunate past. However- she has absolutely BLOSSOMED since then!!! She loves playing with other dogs, such as my parents’ dogs and dogs from her Play & Train program that she is enrolled in, and she absolutely loves all her toys (I might spoil her a bit ) and tends to share them with others too! She brings such absolute sunshine to my life and everyone’s lives around her. I might have rescued her, but she has definitely rescued me in a sense as well. I know some days probably aren’t easy for you all to say the least, but thank you so much for doing what you do and for providing me with such a pure angel. I am forever grateful to you all and to her! Take care -Sierra (Sunflower’s momma) ”

We are beyond grateful that Sunflower’s forever mom decided to give her a chance, as we don’t encounter nearly enough adopters willing to take on a dog that will be extra work to integrate into their lives. Sunflower’s outcome could have been very different had she not gotten the individual 1:1 attention she needed in a home. We are so thrilled that Sunflower found Sierra, and got the happy ending she deserved.