This handsome turkey will surely be recognized by many of our followers as our brave little friend, Scuttle. Scuttle came to us from a commercial breeding facility (puppy mill) in Lancaster County due to being born with a genetic abnormality that caused him to need a very expensive surgery at just 15 weeks of age. Luckily for Scuttle, we have amazing donors who helped us raise the money to get his surgery paid for.

After his surgery that corrected his issue, our veterinary team said he would live a normal and healthy life. So many families are interested in adopting “doodle” puppies, such as Scuttle, however the fact that he may have been “special needs” or not “perfect” due to his abnormality at birth seemed to be the reason why such a wonderful boy was waiting so long for his forever home.

One of our amazing mill mama fosters, Greta, offered to bring Scuttle home to foster during his recovery and almost instantly fell in love with his silly and sweet demeanor. Greta gave him a new name, Hank, and more importantly, a new life.

You can tell how loved he is already, and we cannot wait to watch him continue to thrive! Congrats Greta and Hank, we couldn’t be more happy to see this happy ending for both of you.